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Outdo or activities

Beautiful local walks

With stunning countryside to enjoy, we are located directly on the Thames Path, with beautiful riverside walks in both directions. Just over the road lies Wytham Woods, 1000 acres of historic woodland, exceptionally rich in flora and fauna; it hosts 500 species of plants, and 800 species of butterflies and moths. And why not end your walk at one of the great local pubs?

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The river walk

The Thames Path is a popular national walking route along the River Thames, which reaches from the Cotswolds all the way through London.

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The wooo odland walk

Wytham Woods is an ancient semi-natural woodland, which has been owned and maintained by the University of Oxford since 1942.

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Our walking map

Our illustrated walking map details the two local walks and their routes to local pubs, as well as other facts about the area.

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Outdoor sports

Surrounded by nature, and of course the river, we have so many options for those who want to get out and unwind in the fresh air. 



You can fish in season on the River Thames, with the right permits, as well as at nearby Farmoor Reservoir.


Kayaking/swim ming

You can launch kayaks on the river, and there is a great wild swimming spot at Eynsham Lock, less than five minute's walk away.



Try out windsurfing and sailing courses on nearby nature reserve Farmoor Reservoir.

Please bring your own equipment for outdoor activities e.g. fishing rods and kayaks, as we don't rent these on site.

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